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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Meaty Ogre & Crushcon7 - Sword [Review] + Free Tracks

You know what I like? Split 7 inches. They're a small cheap fix for my vinyl collecting habit and possible gateways to artists you might not normally come across. You know what I don't like? The fact that split 7 inches are normal for almost every genre other than Hip Hop. You know what I didn't know that I liked but actually like a lot now that I know about it and I know I like it? Split instrumental Hip Hop LPs.

Luckily for me, I found exactly that when I looked in my inbox today. Fieldwerk Records
sent me their latest in a series of split instrumental albums that began with February's "Canciones Modernas" featuring PNS and Zavala. This time around the production duties are split between Chicago's own Meaty Ogre and Crushcon7 for the 2nd release in the series entitled "Sword." I remember meeting Meaty Ogre years ago when he gave me a CDR copy of his album "Leo VS Pisces." The album impressed me with it's stark and melancholy beats and I looked forward to his future releases. His collaboration with fellow Chicago native Qwel became one of my favorite pairings for the rapper and I'm impatiently awaiting Meaty Ogre's upcoming collaboration with Mestizo & Isaiah Toothtaker "Human Suit."

The beats on Meaty Ogre's part of this album are more soulful and mellow than the dark tracks I'm used to hearing from him, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. This sound suits him well and I'm sure it's only one of many other facets to his production style. The standout tracks are the Madlib/9th Wonder-esque "Cloudy Head" and the double-speed, shuffle-drummed "Holding Hands of Time" in which he really gets to display his skills for drum chopping.

I admit I knew nothing about Crushcon7 before this release (one of the many advantages of having a split release) and I have to say his half impressed me the most. That was probably due to it's more upbeat nature and the fact that I had no expectations coming in. There's more distorted electric guitars and ambient parts to his tracks too, two things I personally dig alot. His lush, psychedelic-laced, spaced-out beats also tends to stand alone better than the sparse beats of Meaty Ogre. I don't miss hearing vocals when I listen to his tracks on Sword, which can be a good or bad thing depending on what these two are striving for. Although if the right MC or vocalist were to record over these Crushcon7 beats some unique and interesting results may occur.

That's not to say that Meaty Ogre's half is lacking. Because of his beats being less experimental it's more likely to fit a myriad of MCs or vocalists and therefore may have more universal appeal. Meaty Ogre's side definitely leans more towards the traditional and Crushcon7's definitely has more left field leanings. Overall this is a solid release worth picking up and listening to. Sword also features cuts from my buddy DJ Pratt so that's another reason to cop this release. You'll find 2 free downloads for "Cloudy Head" and "Memento Mori" below as well as links to where you can pick up the album. Enjoy:

Download Meaty Ogre's Track: "Cloudy Head" from the album Sword

Download Crushcon7's Track: "Memento Mori" from the album Sword

Meaty Ogre & Crushcon7 - Sword LP is available at:

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