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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Like Rats 2010 7-Inch Free Download

At the beginning of the year I posted local hardcore/metal band
Like Rats Demo which was one of my favorite albums of last year. Like Rats is the brainchild of Primitive Future blog runner Todd Nief who wanted to combine the sensibility of Celtic Frost's riffing with a hardcore aesthetic, and so he started this band as a side project to explore those ideas. The band also features Andy Nelson of Weekend Nachos on bass and from my understanding was supposed to be a one-off venture. Luckily for us they decided to become a full on band and now they have a new 7 inch available.

You can pay whatever you want for a download of the release, or you can order the physical 7-inch vinyl which comes with a free download. You can also choose to just download it for free so no bitchin or moanin, just pick this up however way you want to and enjoy the crusty goodness (and a video of them performing the first track off their self-titled 7 inch):

Download or Buy here:

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