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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Chicago Thrash Ensemble - 7 Song EP [Free Download] + Vinyl

Chicago Thrash Ensemble. You can pretty much get everything you need to know about this band just from their name. CTE is a no-frills punk/thrash band with screaming hardcore vocals. They’re not your typical thrash revivalist band, they don’t wear jean jackets or white high tops and they don’t have guitar solos (and when I saw them live one member was even wearing a Propaghandi t-shirt.) Their 7 song EP is fast as fuck, full of riffs and is over before you know it.

The speed is probably due to the fact that this band features former members of local grindcore outfit Hewhocorrupts. The EP is all killer and no filler and is available for free download, but the real deal here is the vinyl release. It’s a one-sided 12″ with a screenprint on the b-side, is limited to 300 copies, and only costs $7 shipped. It even comes with a sheet of homemade baseball cards of the band members. Try to beat that deal. You can't. So don't listen to me, don't even try. Because you'll fail. Unless you manage to pick up a copy at one of their live shows. Then I think you may beat that deal. Maybe... I guess you'll get a chance to find out if you make it to the Venomous Concept/Nails show at the Double Door this coming Monday. Rad.

Download the highly recommended EP Here:
Chicago Thrash Ensemble 7 Song EP

Chicago Thrash Ensemble Myspace:

Buy the Vinyl at:

Venomous Concept, Nails,
Chicago Thrash Ensemble & Hate show
Monday, September 20, 2010 at 9:00pm

Double Door
1572 N Milwaukee Ave

Chicago, IL
$10 advance
$12 door

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