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Monday, September 20, 2010

Adult Swim X Scion A/V "Metal Swim" Free Compilation

Damn, Adult Swim AND Scion continue to surprise me with their music-themed promotions and their newest collaboration is no exception. This FREE metal comp not only features bands which are pretty damn underground for a popular cable network and car company to work with, but the songs themselves are even rare and unreleased tracks from said bands. Shit where else are you gonna find songs from Ludicra, Death Angel, Red Fang, Zoroaster, Withered, Kylesa and more all for free? Say what you want about corporate America co-opting the underground, at least they're exposing great music to the masses which is way more than the radio does.

It's not like this comp is gonna make people run out and buy a Scion just because the company knows who Jesu, Isis and Boris is. And if this comp makes more people watch Adult Swim then more power to them, it's a great channel (although Robot Chicken really annoys the shit out of me lately.) And as far as I'm concerned, if Scion keeps offering free concerts from Talib Kweli, Redman, Yob, Neurosis etc that's fine with me too. Those free shows are great for people as broke as me, which are most of the people who attend (and you wonder how they think we'll be able to afford their cars?) Either way enjoy, this is a quality comp:

(*I just realized that Withered's track "Extinguished With The Misery" is actually a new track off their upcoming album "Dualitas." That fact definitely makes this a MUST download.)

Download Here: METAL Swim

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