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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

K-OS Presents: The Anchorman Mixtape

Awhile back I featured a mixtape by singer/rapper Outasight and mentioned that I wasn’t normally a fan of the singer/MC combo but there were a few exceptions. K-OS is definitely at the top of the pile of those few exceptions. The Canadian MC/Singer/Songwriter made a splash with his 2002 debut “Exit,” but it wasn’t until a label rep gave me a promo to his follow up album “Joyful Rebellion” that I really started to take notice. I don’t think that CD left my stereo for weeks.

Besides rapping and singing K-OS also produced the majority of all his albums and played a number of instruments on them and at his live shows as well. My group was lucky enough to share a bill with him recently and his live show is amazing. His touring dj is Lil Jaz of Nelly Furtado and Turnstylez fame, I used to watch dj battle videos of him when I was a kid - he’s an amazing turntablist.

K-OS seems like a very down to earth and humble dude, he recently held a contest for fans to remix songs from his last album and even gave each winner $1000. In April 2009 he began the Karma Tour across Canada for which he sold no tickets to, fans were simply asked to donate whatever they wanted for the show. That’s almost unheard of for anyone to do at a Hip Hop show, let alone anyone of his stature. I haven’t heard this mixtape yet but with his track record I can trust that this is a solid release. It features leftovers from his 2009 album “Yes!” as well as some new tracks. Enjoy.

Download here:
The Anchorman Mixtape


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