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Monday, August 02, 2010

Early Graves singer Makh Daniels Dies in Van Accident *Updated

This is truly some tragic news. I just found out on Lambgoat.com that Makh Daniels the singer for the band Early Graves (formerly Apiary) was killed in a van crash on their way to do a show in Reno, Nevada. They have been on tour with The Funeral Pyre doing shows all across the West Coast. I just recently heard their latest release "Goner" which is an amazing, thrashy blend of metal and hardcore and I was sure they would be the next "big thing" (or as big as an underground band could get.) The singer was very talented and I was hoping that they would eventually do a show in Chicago soon. My condolences goes out to Makh Daniels' friends and family. Here is an excerpt from the official news report:

"The van's driver reportedly fell asleep and he lost control. The van and trailer traveled off the right shoulder, rolled and came to rest off the freeway in a grassy area.None of the nine occupants were using safety restraints and the adult male victim was ejected from a rear cargo area where he and two others were. The victim was pronounced deceased at the scene by responding emergency medical services personnel."

*update The band has issued the following statement:

"There are no words that can properly say all the things that I want to say about our friend Makh Daniels. He is one of the most amazing writers I have ever known. He is incredibly funny. He is wise beyond his years. He is the most honest person you could ask for as a friend or a band mate. I had the pleasure to be in 2 bands with Makh and they were some of the best years of my life thus far. Sadly, Makh Daniels was taken from all of us. He wrote a lyric in an Early Graves song "To everyone that I've ever loved, I've Failed" but if there is anything that I could tell him is how proud I was of him and how much I loved him and how much his friendship meant to me. We were all like brothers.

"I know that there was a lot of people out there who were also deeply affected by this wonderful man, Makh Daniels and I cannot tell you how much he loved music and performing and how much he wanted to affect and help people get through their demons in life."To all of you guys, and to all of the amazing amount of love you guys have sent our way, Thank you. You guys are helping all of us get through this horrible time. We are nothing without each other right now and you guys are helping so much. But we've seen the whole community of metal and punk and hardcore musicians and fans join together in this trying time and I want to say how much it means to us and his family.

"There is a donation Paypal account that is now set up that if you would like to donate some money for services, ect, please do. The paypal account email is ripMakhDaniels@gmail.com and honestly anything you can donate would be greatly appreciated."The funeral will be on Monday, August 9th at the Good Shepards Church in Pacfica on 901 Oceana Blvd. There will be a reception afterwards and we are asking everyone to please bring in a potluck item as we are expecting a lot of people to be there and we would love to have everyone who loved Makh or his music there."There will also be a memorial show for him on August 29th at the Rickshaw Stop in San Francisco.

The address is 155 Fell st. This was where Makh worked and he would want us all there drinking Jameson shots and Sierra Nevada pale ale for him, with him. We will be selling memorial shirts for Makh with all proceeds going to his family to get him through this tough time."Also, please support the show in Los Angeles on Friday, August 6th. It was to be one of the last shows of our tour. The last of the Eary Graves merch will be there and all proceeds will also go to the family of Makh. The show info can be found here." Makh, I love you. Thank you for everything you were."

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  1. A memorial website was created for Makh Daniels! Honor his memory by contributing to his memorial site http://makhdaniels.people2remember.com/