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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Slum Village Breaks Up, Releases Last Album This Year

Late Pass: So this gets a bit confusing. Last month I heard rumors rumbling about some bad news coming for Detroit Hip Hop favorites Slum Village. Now it seems that the rumors turned into news of a break up, "seems" being the key word here. A couple of weeks ago Hex Murda, eLZhi's manager, issued the following statement to

"For all intents and purposes concerning eLZhi, Slum Village is defunct. This is the last SV LP. We look forward to bringing you eLZhi's solo project, The Feed. Until then, check him out on Black Milk's new opus, Album Of The Year, [in stores] 9/14." (XXL Mag)

Now this is where it gets confusing. In response the manager for Slum Village then releases a statement that seems to say that founding member T3 won't be retiring the Slum Village name:

"...taking the Slum Village legacy into hip-hop's new millenium, founding SV member T3 has also set out to take Slum Village as a brand to the next level."

Slum Village has been through its share of troubles. First label bullshit prevented their 1996 debut from seeing an official release until 2005. Then its former member J Dilla (aka Jay Dee) dies of Lupus in 2006. Founding member Baatin then leaves the group due to health problems only to die of unknown causes last year. The remaining duo of T3 and eLZhi was able to keep Slum Village going but with eLZhi leaving and T3 being the sole member left I'm wondering what kind of group (if any) could continue with the SV name. I guess we'll just have to wait and see what T3 has in mind. In the meantime "Villa Manifesto" is set to release July 27. At least I found out that Black Milk is releasing a new album this year. That's good news.

RIP Slum Village.

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