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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Isaiah Toothtaker - Yiggy [Free Download]

Here's some left-field, underground Hip Hop I've been enjoying lately. Isaiah Toothtaker hails from Arizona and is co-signed by fellow under-rapper MURS. He is also a tattoo artist who owns his own Tattoo shop and is rumored to have gotten his name for knocking out dudes' teeth and collecting them in jars. Not sure how true those rumors are but he has at least one felony assault charge set against him which he luckily dodged (ask DMX, that Arizona prison system ain't no joke.) He has an unorthodox style and cadence that reminds me somewhat of a slower, less whimsical E-40. There's a lot of syllable bending and odd behind-the-beat emphasis, which makes for an extremely unique and entertaining listening experience. The industry seems to be overrun with writers & "lyricists" who like to celebrate the fact that they can rhyme 2 syllables together like it's some huge deal (as if being a step above monosyllabic rappers makes them g.o.a.t.s.) but It's hard to find some truly unique voices in Hip Hop and Toothtaker is definitely one of the few.

Isaiah is offering his newest album "Yiggy" for free download on his bandcamp. The album seems to be a collection of songs from various sources and time periods, yet it sounds quite cohesive despite that fact. A number of talented producers contribute to his album but I think he sounds best over the synth-filled production of Megasoid or the bleak boom-bap of Chicago expatriate Meaty Ogre. I would love to hear an entire album of his produced by Megasoid but for now we'll have to settle on rumors of his upcoming collaboration project with Galapagos 4 artists Meaty Ogre & Mestizo entitled "Human Suit" (and you can hear a sample of what that group has to offer on the song "I Gotcha.") Check the video for "Biters Eat a Dick" below, which is taken from his album MursS 3:16 Presents Isaiah and is produced by Megasoid. Download Yiggy at the link below the video and celebrate one of the few good things happening in Arizona right now.

Biters Eat a Dick Video:

Download the album here:

Isaiah Toothtaker Myspace:

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