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Friday, July 02, 2010

Il Velo Di Maya - Horizons&Gravity EP

Man I've been slackin on posting free music lately, hopefully that'll change during or after the long weekend. Since I've been enjoying Thou's new album "Summit" so much lately I thought it'd be good to post another Sludge album. Il Velo Di Maya's brand of Sludge is way more atmospheric than Thou's but that doesn't mean that it's not without it's heavy parts. Il Velo Di Maya hail from Napoli, Italy and they graciously give us this 18 minute song for free and it's pretty good. I'd like to hear more vocals in their songs and they're a bit low in the mix for my taste. I think a little more riffs and a little less atmosphere would make their sound stand out more, but this is their first release so I'm waiting to see what they bring us next. Here's a bio excerpt from their Myspace (I'm assuming that it's translated poorly from Italian):

"Il Velo di Maya is a project born in 2007, formed in NAPOLI (Italy). They need to create a claustrophobic and melancholic sound, in which noisy atmosphere and ethereal spaces collide to suffering hardcore resulting in long compositions.

Horizons&Gravity is the first release, registered at Sy6 studio and BlueRoom and mixed by Paolo Hamam."

Download here: Il Velo Di Maya - Horizons&Gravity EP

Il Velo Di Maya Myspace:

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