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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Converge to Release Limited EP 7 Inch "On My Shield"

One of the most consistent bands in extreme music is releasing a new "EP." I wish this was at least a 2 song seven inch but I'm not gonna complain about a new Converge song. "Limited" to 3000 so it shouldn't sell out too fast. Check the press release:

"Converge are proud to announce the self-release of their brand new 7" EP, "On My Shield."

"On My Shield" was recorded at Godcity studios in-between the band's 2010 "Axe To Fall" U.S. & Euro tours.

The release features the new song "On My Shield" on the A-side, while the B-side features a laser etching. "On My Shield" is limited to 3000 copies total, and is available in three different color variations (each limited to 1000 copies).

Each copy of the release (excluding Euro tour copies, sorry folks) comes with a FREE Digital Download Coupon (located inside the physical 7"EP packaging), good for a high quality MP3 download of the release."

The 7" EP will be available exclusively through the following distribution methods:

Color #1 (limited to 1000) - Direct from the band on their "Axe To Fall" European tour (Note: No Download Coupon is available in this version)

Color #2 (limited to 1000) - Through the official Converge Estore powered by Kingsroad (made available AFTER the tour)

Color #3 (limited to 1000) - Vinyl retailers can purchase this release wholesale via Deathwish Direct Distribution (made available AFTER the tour)

Deathwish Website:

Kingsroad Website:

Converge Website:

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