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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Old Crowns - Self Titled & Bonfire EP

What's that? Idol Threat's putting up an alt-country album? And one with some pop sensib
ilities? That's right folks, nothing's safe from my posting and shitty reviews! And I enjoy some country every now and then, as long as it's more like Willie Nelson and Johnny Cash and not about saving horses and riding cowboys with rascals or some shit. Seriously though, I figured there would be enough readers out there that would appreciate this and it's a good break from all the Hip Hop and Metal I've been giving out. Plus I'm a sucker for country music with non-country vocals.

Old Crowns play a blend of indie rock, folk, blues and Americana (while being from Canada no less.) The vocals are sometimes more clean than I would like but I'm hoping the young age of the singer is the main cause and that time will roughen up his voice. Luckily the song-writing and music more than makes up for it.

They bring enough outside influences to make their songs sound unique without losing the heart of their foundation, and they're catchy without nearing pop cheesiness. There's a lot to appreciate and get lost in if you give it time and while I personally feel they would benefit from a bit more edge in their sound there's plenty of you that will think otherwise. As is their releases remain quite enjoyable and will gain a few spins in my iPod. Here's what their bandcamp had to say:

"Old Crowns' debut has been described as a "stoner-country-rock masterpiece." Ten tracks that range from folk/country duet to blues-rock epic, yet consistently satisfy with melody, harmony, groove and dynamics.

The self-titled release was crafted and honed with a year of work at the band's studio, Castle Grey Fox. The songs remain true to their roots in the organic collaboration of the band members and the resulting sound is one that speaks of the character and focus of each band member, and of the harmonic convergence of their musical personalities."

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