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Monday, June 21, 2010

Noble Rust - Delilah EP [Free Download]

So here's a solid little EP from this Atlanta trio called Noble Rust. The band describes themselves on their Myspace as "if Black Sabbath had been produced by Spike Cassidy (D.R.I.), with Brian Eno doing a guest spot." The over-simplified description is more or less accurate, they definitely sound like an amalgamation of the influences listed in that sentence. They also list Marijuana PBR, Opiates, Jack Daniels, Discordia, Greek Mythology, Violent Cartoons and Porn as some of their influences. So that should tell you what to expect to hear from these guys.

Noble Rust is offering their EP "Delilah" for free download (or donation) on their bandcamp. The four songs do a good job representing all their influences, with each one being slightly different from the next. The first track starts with a sample and is a heavy Stoner testament to Sabbath Riffage. The next track "Mysteries of the Titans" also starts with a vocal sample and takes a thrashier, more punk approach than the first. It's followed by a Funeral Doom dirge awash with dark ambiance (a-la Eno) and the EP ends with a mostly instrumental 6 minute Sludge track. Although the tracks don't sound too unique Delilah shows some promise throughout, I am particularly impressed by the second track. I would like to see their Sludge/Thrash style explored more fully-maybe broken up with the noise experimentation of the 3rd track. I'm interested to hear where this trio goes next. Check them out and donate if you like what you hear.

Download FREE or with Donation here:

Noble Rust Myspace:

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