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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Grade Aplus - TMI (Too Much Info) FREE Teaser EP

I know I should be wrapping up all the 9th Wonder-Related Stuff before I start making other Hip Hop posts but I feel that this album is more appropriate to put up right now since I’ve been so much of a procrastinator of late. Grade Aplus and his self-proclaimed “Quality Slacker Hip Hop” hail from Bellwood, IL which is also home to the legendary (and HIGHLY under-appreciated) rappers of the now defunct group Rubberoom. Grade makes unorthodox, braggadocio, self-deprecating, mainstream-tinged underground Hip Hop that couples a sense of humor with a serious approach. Much like his fellow ‘Woods native SHOW, Grade Aplus is able to inject some fun into his music without making it too frivolous as he tackles subjects such as video games, cartoons and junk food. What more could a slacker ask for? Don’t let the genre tag fool you though, this kid definitely has the drive (and the skills) to go somewhere, and his music is highly infectious and highly recommended.

I recently came across a bunch of his songs that was released here and there and decided to collect them all into one convenient package to give to you guys. The tracks feature Grade rapping over old Hip Hop beats and beats produced by his long-time collaborator Mike Jaxx. Idol Threat dubbed this collection the “Not Enough Info EP” and it also serves as a teaser for his upcoming album “Too Much Info” which should be out soon. Or whenever he wants. Fucking slacker (yeah I know, pot, kettle, whatever. Get it? Slacker, pot? Eeeehhhh fuck it.)

Extra Hip Hop Nerd points goes out to whoever can guess where the sample for “Double Cheese” comes from ( No cheating.)

Download Here:
Not Enough Info EP

Grade A Plus Website:

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