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Friday, May 21, 2010

Free "Doom Metal Front" Zine & Compilation (Vive la France)

I know what you’re thinking, you’re probably all like; “Idol Threat where’s our free music? What the fuck is up with all these words?!” And in my mind I’m thinking; “Sorry about that, there’s just been so much news lately and I’ve been pretty busy.” And then you’re probably all like; “I don’t give no fucks about your life! I want my free shit! Reading ain’t never help nobody anyways! Give me something to make me shake my ass and practice making babies to!” And then I get all sensitive from all the yelling and cursing and hide in a fetal position in the corner of my room’s man-cave. Man, hypothetical conversations are pretty brutal on my psyche.

In all seriousness though it has been a pretty busy week for me and I have been going to a lot of shows lately (one of which I’m in the process of writing a review for) and it seems that the “free music” part of my blog has been left to the wayside. I should probably change that since they’ll be a gap for posting soon while I’m road tripping it to Maryland Death Fest, so I’ll try and leave ya’ll with some free shit to tide you over.

“Doom Metal Front” is an online blog that also houses a Zine which they offer for free download on their site. Along with the PDF downloads (which I think is a pretty nifty, futuristic DIY way of publishing a Zine) they sometimes offer some free compilations as well. This particular DMF Comp features an all-French lineup. France isn’t all pussies like most of our "American Fries" eating brethren think, and they’ve been releasing some quality metal for quite some time now (I’m looking forward to seeing French Death Metallers ‘Gorod’ at MDF this year.) Enjoy this compilation of French Doom/Stoner/Sludge/Drone bands:

Download the Free Comp here:
Doom Metal Front Compilation (Vive la France)

Visit the DMF Blog & get their Free PDF Zines here:

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