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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Frank Frazetta RIP 1928-2010

Frank Frazetta was a modern master. He was a Fantasy/Science Fiction artist most known for his Conan the Barbarian and Death Dealer illustrations. He passed on Monday at the age of 82. Frazetta lived on a 67 acre estate in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania and died of a stroke after a year long battle with cancer. Frank Frazetta and contemporary Boris Vallejo were major influences on me as an artist (yet my skill doesn’t even come close to either of these masters.) My childhood is littered with memories of their paintings and in my opinion they gave a sense of class and elegance to a profession that was often looked down upon by other “artists.” The world has lost an icon, but at least we still have his art. You can find some of his artwork after the jump. RIP to a true legend. [Thanks to DJ Major Taylor for the heads up]

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