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Monday, May 03, 2010

"Every Band Should Have a Bandcamp"

So the majority of the free content on here that comes directly from the artists are being distributed via bandcamp.com. There's been so many I've come across and it's been so user friendly and invitingly simple that I've been meaning to write a post about it for awhile now. Unfortunately I've been backlogged for quite some time and the free music posts and "breaking" news usually gets top priority. Luckily for my lazy ass (awesome Metal Blog) Invisible Oranges beat me to the punch and posted an extremely informative blog about bandcamp. Bandcamp is fast becoming the new, better Myspace and the best way to get music out there and for the artist to get paid. I'll post an excerpt from the Invisible Oranges blog and links to the full post, and to the bandcamp main site. Artists, get off the My-pedophile/spamwagon-Space and join Bandcamp (great post Cosmo):

"...Bandcamp is much better as a competitor [than Myspace.] It is all (well, almost all) of the good stuff of MySpace, without the bad stuff. MySpace’s good stuff is (1) streaming player, and (2) social networking. MySpace’s bad stuff is (1) hardly works (unreliable streaming player, primitive email functionality), and (2) ugly as hell (ads all over the place, template virtually impossible to improve). The bad stuff cancels out the good stuff.

Here’s what Bandcamp offers: streaming audio, access to lyrics and artwork (if a band offers it), and direct sales capability of music in all file formats – MP3, FLAC, AAC, etc. That’s all a band needs, really. Social networking? Use Twitter and Facebook for that. Just drive people to your Bandcamp page, and they can stream and buy music instantly – with no intermediary like Amazon or iTunes. The interface is clean and simple. It invites one to stay. With Bandcamp, labels don’t get to sign bands just by looking at profile views and play counts. That’s a good thing. Maybe labels can sign bands based on what they actually sound like! Imagine that..."

Link to the Full Post: InvisibleOranges.com

Artists Join Bandcamp Here: http://bandcamp.com/

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