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Monday, April 12, 2010

Xasthur Calls it Quits/Releases "Portal of Sorrow"

One-man US Black Metal band from California "Xasthur" has just released their new album "Portal of Sorrow" which will also be their last album. Xasthur mastermind Malefic has announced on his website that he will no longer be making music under that name, in fact he claims the new music he will be making won't have anything to do with metal at all. It's been a long ride for Malefic, he's done performances trapped in a coffin, had a highly publicized beef with Southern Lord Records, put out over 20 releases and has collaborated with Nachtmystium, Twilight and Sunn O))). It will be interesting to see where he goes next, if I were to guess I would say he's starting an ambient or folk band. He's expressed his admiration of drone/ambient band "Growing" in the past and his latest/last album features vocals from folk artist Marissa Nadler. It's a shame, he had a damn good scream. Here is the press release from his website:
"...Portal of Sorrow, is the last Xasthur album, period. The honorable thing to do is to end the band and not hang around too long, like so many metal/black metal bands do. Enough is enough, right?

I'm not able to make it work anymore. I don't want to turn into one of those bands who rely on too many guests and session musicians to make people interested in their music again. Some help is fine but more than some help is very cheap and it becomes others, not the roots of the band that makes the difference and the music work. I don’t want to fall into that pattern.

The motivation and inspiration used to be there full time and now it's not there at all, not for doing Xasthur at least. It is a role or persona that I have simply outgrown. I’ve been saying I’m sick and tired of it all for too long... and now, I’m going to back it up. There are or have been literally 18,000 black metal bands; it does not matter if there's one less.

Just like in the nineties, I made a few recent attempts to put a real line-up together and it still failed; another sign that said “give it up already”.

However, I wanted to end on a better note with this 'Portal of Sorrow' album because the album that came before it, 'All reflections drained', was not up to par and I couldn't finish up with an album that I was less than satisfied with. Now, I suppose any or all goals have been reached and there is nothing more I wish to try with Xasthur and it's time to move on...

Since it would be foolish to give up music all together, I have something else to fall back on that is beginning to take shape. It's a new beginning that I'm quite excited about.

Instead, I'm going to do something different by not performing any kind of metal at all! There's no use in trying to reinvent black metal or turn it upside down, it's all been done and in the end, it's still metal and will remain within those circles, stereotypes and boundaries no matter what. Overall, I need a bigger change in my life and with music than just trying to change metal.

There isn't anything to lose.

I would ask you to stay tuned for my next project and give it a plug but there's no need to. It's probably of no interest to you and again, it has nothing to do with metal and I'm not trying to keep any connection or ties to it. I will not name influences, genres or anything of the sort."

*Malefic will be wholesaling off several copies to labels and distros soon so be on the lookout, but you may be able to find single copies of Xasthur "Portal of Sorrow" on eBay.

Official Website: http://xasthur.mercurous.net/

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