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Monday, April 05, 2010

Winter - Into Darkness/All Tomorrow's Parties Line-Up

The following is all Southern Lord Records-related news, so after yesterday’s post about Thou’s Southern Lords digital release “Rendon Singles” (and the “Secret” signing) one might get the impression that I’m working for SL PR or something. But just like all my previous multiple Duck Down posts that isn’t the case, it just so happens that Southern Lord has been making some good moves of late. Take this announcement from Southern Lord’s Twitter as a case in point:

"THIS IS WHATS HAPPENING! Deluxe reissue coming soon via the Lord!"

This is BIG news and most likely means that this will be a vinyl release since Nuclear Blast has already re-released Winter’sInto Darkness” on cd along with their “Eternal Frost” EP. Southern Lord makes beautiful (albeit expensive) vinyl packages and I’ve been wanting a copy of this Doom/Death Metal classic on LP. Winter was a New York band from the early 90’s that at one point included the drummer from the Grindcore band Brutal Truth. Although the band only released the one full-length and EP, they were a major influence on future Doom bands such as Sunn O))) (whose members run Southern Lord) and Death/Doom hybrids such as Japan’s Coffins.

Their slow Death Metal has been described as oppressive and was revolutionary at the time, and they wrote lyrics mostly about apocalypse and nature. I swear I’ve even read in an interview that they consider themselves closer to punk hippies than metalheads (although I can’t find that interview anywhere right now.) There seemed to be a rash of extreme Doom bands from the early 90s that obtained cult status despite their limited discographies, bands such as Thergothon, diSEMBOWELMENT and Dusk are often cited along with Winter as inspirations to today’s Death/Doom bands. Hopefully more news of this reissue surfaces soon.

Southern Lord has also announced that Sunn O))) will be playing with Boris as “Altar” at New York’s “All Tomorrow's Parties” Festival. They will be performing the album of their namesake in its entirety, and the night will also be “curated” by director Jim Jarmusch who included a number of Southern Lord songs on his last movie soundtrack. They join a lineup that also includes legendary stoner metal band SLEEP who will be performing their album “Holy Mountain.” As if that wasn’t enough to make you wish you could afford to fly to NY, Explosions In The Sky, Raekwon, Fucked Up and The Black Angels are also scheduled to perform:


Friday 3rd September - Don't Look Back - Line-up so far with more TBC
Iggy & The Stooges - Performing Raw Power
Sleep - Performing Holy Mountain
Mudhoney - Performing Superfuzz Bigmuff + Early Singles
The Scientists - Performing Blood Red River (First Ever U.S. Show!)

Saturday 4th September - Curated by ATP - Line-up so far with more TBCSonic Youth
Explosions In The Sky
The Breeders
Fuck Buttons
The Books
Bardo Pond
Papa M
Sleepy Sun
Avi Buffalo

Sunday 5th September - Curated by Jim Jarmusch - Line-up so far with more TBC
Sunn 0))) and Boris present Altar
The Brian Jonestown Massacre
Hope Sandoval & The Warm Inventions
Fucked Up
Wooden Shjips
The Black Angels
Vivian Girls
White Hills

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