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Friday, April 02, 2010

SHE - Instant Demo [Free Download]

SHE was a band that included Gregory Obis on guitar/effects, Julian Labat on bass and Colleen Burns on drums. They reside in Vermont and are recording an EP to be released sometime in late Spring, but they officially broke up last month due to "geographical difficulties." They play instrumental post-rock in the vein of earlier bands of the genre such as Slint and Tortoise (as opposed to "newer" post-rock bands like Mogwai and Godspeed You! Black Emperor.) Fugazi, My Bloody Valentine, Don Caballero and Sonic Youth are listed as some of their influences. Slint is one of my favorite bands and were considered by most to be one of the progenitors of post-rock and SHE reminds me of them quite a bit, so it's a shame that they've broken up. Hopefully the members start equally exciting new bands, but in the meantime they've put up their DEMO for free download and you can cop the EP when it's released if you like what you hear. (I put up a download after their bandcamp link that includes a sixth track named "Gay Animal Marriage.")

Download their free demo here:

Here's a medium-quality download that includes the bonus track:
"Gay Animal Marriage"

SHE Myspace:

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