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Friday, April 23, 2010

Nuclear Blast - Sinister Spring Slaughter (Free Compilation)

Another Friday, another “short” post. Apparently the free Southern Lord Records Sampler that Amazon put up for download did pretty good, because they decided to team up with another extreme metal label for their next free download. Nuclear Blast has released their “Sinister Spring Slaughter” free through and it includes 11 songs from different bands on their roster. There are a few bands on this sampler that I’m unfamiliar with, but they all seem to be of the Death Metal persuasion.

If you’re a fan of Death Metal then you should recognize the name “Nile,” who continues their fetish for Egyptian themes/mythology with a track from their latest album “Those Whom the Gods Detest.” Tech/Death favorites “Arsis” contribute “Beyond Forlorn” from their latest album, which has gotten mixed reviews for their blend of 80’s rock/thrash groove and technical Death Metal (well it worked for Carcass didn't it?) From the more progressive spectrum of Death Metal comes a song from the Canadian band “Augury” whose last album “Fragmentary Evidence” is one I enjoyed very much.

The most notable of the songs on here comes from Thrash legends “Exodus” who gives us a sneak peak from their upcoming album “Exhibit B: The Human Condition” with a demo version of their song “Hammer and Life.” If the album is anything like the demo then we can expect this old school Thrash band to blow all these new Thrash-revivalists out of the water, much like Megadeth’s “Endgame” did in my opinion. Who needs Kirk Hammett anyways? (Big ups to my Filipinos out there.)

Hopefully this release will introduce you to a band you like, and if you’re a fan of Death Metal there’s something for everyone on this sampler. Enjoy.

'Sinister Spring Sampler' track list
Exodus - 'The Hammer and Life' (demo)
Eluveitie - 'Thousandfold'
Arsis - 'Beyond Forlorn'
Annotations of an Autopsy - 'Cryogenica'
Mnemic - 'Sons of the System'
Nile - 'Permitting The Noble Dead to Descend to the Underworld'
Epica - 'Resign to Surrender'
Threat Signal - 'Through My Eyes'
Sonata Arctica - 'Flag in the Ground'
Augury - 'Faith Puppeteers'
Hypocrisy - 'Hang Him High'

Download the Sampler Here:
Sinister Spring Slaughter Sampler

Nuclear Blast Website:

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