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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Melvins/Isis Split out in May on Hydra Head

The above is a detail from the album artwork for the upcoming Split from the Melvins and Isis coming out in May on Hydra Head Records. The artwork is done by none other than Aaron Turner, Hydra Head "head" and Isis member. I should not have to explain who the legendary Melvins are, and for those that don't know them Isis is one of the prominent "instru-metal" bands responsible for the explosion of modern "post metal." Sludge fans, post rock lovers, open minded punk/metal heads and hipsters will all drool over this release so expect it to sell out quick, good news nonetheless.

Pre-order here & pay insane shipping prices: Hydra Head Store

Melvins Myspace:

Isis Website:

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