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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

VØID - Self Titled [Free Download]

So it’s been awhile since I’ve posted a free metal album, and I believe most of the metal freebies were all Grindcore/faster albums, so it’s only fair that I cover the other end of the spectrum. Doom Metal, one of the sub-genres of metal birthed by Black Sabbath, is heavy and slow (sometimes agonizingly slow) and its sluggish song progressions can often test the limits of even the most patient listeners. This genre has given way to many offshoots through the years including Funeral Doom, Drone, Sludge and countless other combinations made with other genres of metal and rock.

The atmospheric sludge/post-metal sub-genre is arguably the most popular of the bunch, and was pioneered by Neurosis who combined Hardcore, Doom, Ambient, Industrial and Post-rock music to form their own unique blend of metal. The instrumental band Isis later took that style further into the post rock realm, resulting with both bands becoming the genre’s giants and thus being responsible for spawning countless followers and imitators. One such band is Italy’s VØID.

VØID describes their sound as “a pitch black drill in a sick head.” This description sounds far more abrasive than they actually are and would probably be a more fitting tagline for a Noise group (although VØID’s debut does contain some Noise.) Don’t get me wrong, although not quite as harsh as a drill to the head VØID isn’t exactly mood music either. Elements of both Isis and Neurosis can be found in VØID’s sound, but they also incorporate just enough Drone and Ambient/Noise passages to make them more than a mere clone of the two.

Their self-titled debut contains only 3 tracks and measures a massive 50 minutes, making this an album that definitely isn’t intended to be digested in short intervals. They successfully combine various styles without making it sound forced, and although it’s not necessarily the most unique Post Metal album it shows a band that has the potential to transcend their influences.

VØID is generously giving their debut away for free download, so be sure to consider picking up their CD if you like it, which comes in a handmade box and is limited to 100. They also have a deluxe edition CD box set that is limited to 30 pieces. You can reach them through their Myspace or email if you would like to order either of the CDs. Their contact information, pictures of the two sets they have for sale and the download link can be found after the jump:

Download VØID’s Self Titled Debut:
VØID - [S/T]



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VØID’s Myspace:

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