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Monday, March 22, 2010

These Monsters - Call Me Dragon *Update (Download link)

No this isn't a link to a free download of the album and no I was not trying to be misleading with the post title. As far as I've known up to this point "Call Me Dragon" was only available for CD and Vinyl pre-order from their UK label and it's been 2 months since I've posted about this album coming out. So the fact that it's actually available through iTunes has slipped under my radar, so sue me (plus I haven't gotten any updates via email, it must have all went straight to my spam folder.) Since my original post was so long ago I decided to just make a new one and include the iTunes download link and the video of their live performance of "Space Ritual" for the BBC live sessions.

I still can't believe this band hasn't had more exposure in the US, they really need some distribution over here on this side of the pond. At least you can download the album RIGHT NOW no matter where you are for ONLY 7 fucking dollars! Links can be found after the video and you can still download the "Call Me Dragon" single and see their video for it in my original post. The cd sounds amazing so far but all I keep hearing about is how their recordings does not do any justice to their live shows. So if you're lucky enough to be in the UK I highly suggest you see them live, in fact their tour dates can also be found after the video:

Buy/Download on iTunes NOW:
These Monsters - Call Me Dragon on iTunes

Order the CD, Vinyl and more here:
Brew Records Page

These Monsters Myspace:

Apr 24
The Playground @ 93 Feet East 150 Brick Lane, Shoreditch - London
May 1 8:00P
Live at Leeds - Venue TBA Leeds
May 7
City Showcase Festival - The Borderline 16 Manette Street, Soho
- London
May 10
EUROPEAN TOUR - Contact: euro mega hols 20 10

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