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Monday, March 08, 2010

Solar Posing as Guru's Brother to the Hospital? Guru Still in a Coma?

Things are starting to get way too crazy and out of control. Insane rumors are floating all around the internet and it doesn't seem like anyone's any closer to finding out Guru's current health or situation. I'm not the only one starting to get angry about this and regardless of what the truth is or “whose business it is” we at least all have the right to know if Guru is okay or not. His family, fans and friends seem to be shut out and all signs point to Solar as the cause. As mentioned in my last post Premier apparently has not been the one behind all the posts made in his name. His Twitter and Blog are run by different people so all statements made from those sites weren't from Premier, but the statements relayed by friends (such as Q Tip) were. One thing he did confirm was that he does support Guru's nephew, who released a video claiming that Solar was denying Guru's family any visitation. In the following videos Solar calls in to legendary Hip Hop NY Station Hot 97 to answer some questions about said video and everything that has happened thus far (Videos and more After the Jump.)

Since Solar claimed that he wasn't preventing any family from visiting Guru, Justin Nicholas-Elam Ruff (Guru's nephew) decided to try and visit. He flew all the way from California to see his uncle. Not only was he apparently denied from seeing Guru once he arrived at the NY hospital where he was staying, but he claims that Solar and his wife were posing as Guru's brother and sister to have control over his visitation rights. After some back and forth with the hospital staff it was revealed that he had to talk to Solar to be allowed to visit his uncle. He was finally able to convince Solar and the hospital staff to allow him to see Guru but remained suspicious of Solar and even hinted that Guru might still be in a coma despite what Solar has released to the press. I'll let the emotional videos from Justin Nicholas-Elam elaborate on the rest:

Guru's health seems to still remain a mystery and these videos and allegations have raised even more questions. This really is starting to turn into a circus and I'm starting to feel like people aren't giving Guru the respect he deserves, I'm not even going to dignify some of the rumors I heard by printing them here. Regardless of all this madness I will try my best to report both “sides” of this story in hopes that we will finally hear solid proof of Guru being in a stable condition. For now I'll leave you with a video interview of longtime Gangstarr collaborator Statik Selectah whose words pretty much sums up my feelings towards the situation.

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