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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Royce Da 5'9" Signs to Eminem's Shady Records?

So it would seem that we might have gotten the news a bit twisted. To promote the upcoming release of Royce Da 5’9’s “Bar Exam 3” a snippet of a Slaughterhouse freestyle featuring UGK’s Bun B was released yesterday. The snippet only has Crooked I and Royce on the track but the full version is rumored to be 10 minutes and has Joe and Joell’s verses in those missing minutes. At the end of the snippet Royce starts adlibbing and says the following:

“SHADY! Got a nice ring to it huh? Don't that shit sound so good comin from me?!...And if you like the white boy then your ass might as well start likin me too. Cuz from here on out anytime you see him, you’re gonna see me too.”

Everybody got all hype at the fact that Royce shouted out Shady Records on a Slaughterhouse song that they failed to notice that he didn’t actually say that all of Slaughterhouse was signed. From the sound of things it seems that Royce and Eminem’s reconciliation has come full circle and he has been welcomed into the Shady/Aftermath family. Joe Budden is said to still be struggling with his current label as is Slaughterhouse the group, but that didn’t seem to deter Eminem from signing his fellow Detroit native.

This news may not be as big as we originally thought but it’s good news nonetheless, and hopefully a stepping stone as well. In light of this discovery signs are now pointing to Eminem’s “big news” being the long-awaited release of Relapse 2 instead of the signing of the underground supergroup. If that’s the case then it’s almost guaranteed that Royce will make an appearance for a possible “Bad Meets Evil Part 2.” This will be good news for both camps, giving Royce and Slaughterhouse more exposure and possibly giving Em the creative push and inspiration he needs. And with Royce on Shady Records we can only assume that Slaughterhouse will be soon to follow.

Download the “Nobody Fuckin With Us” Snippet here:
Slaughterhouse Feat. Bun B

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