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Friday, March 05, 2010

Peanut Butter Wolf’s Free Chrome Children Mix

I remember when Stones Throw’s Chrome Children compilation came out. It was a joint release with Adult Swim made to coincide with the label’s 10 year anniversary. At this point the only other time Adult Swim promoted a release was the Danger Mouse/MF DOOM album “Danger Doom” so they were still new to experimenting with promoting music under their brand. This was a good decision for their next collaboration since Stones Throw isn’t your average record label.

Stones Throw Records is one of the few independent labels still standing strong today and have cultivated a loyal fan base, mostly through their consistency with solid releases from artists such as DOOM, J Dilla, Madlib, Koushik and Georgia Anne Muldrow. They dabble in left-field Hip Hop, obscure Funk reissues, smart dance tracks, Soul and even Psychedelic freak-outs so they’ve shown that they’re not afraid to stray from the norm and take risks. Stones Throw once again proved that they’re a cut above the rest by releasing brand new tracks to celebrate their anniversary instead of the usual “greatest hits” cop-out that most labels do, and they even included a DVD with it that contained a live show headlined by Madvillain.

My favorite tracks are J Dilla’s "Nothing Like This" and “Monkey Suite” by the aforementioned group Madvillain, which was cause for most of the hype with this release. Chrome Children came out 2 years after Madvillainy and Monkey Suite was the first sign of hope for more new material from the duo. With everyone praising Madvillainy as a classic and rumors of part 2 finally in the works the single only made people more impatient for a sequel. Sadly we are still waiting for it 6 years later, and all we have to show for it is an album full of Madlib remixes and recycled DOOM verses (I’ll stop right there since Idol Threat has covered enough DOOM disappointment already.)

Before this CD/DVD set came out I remember my homie Sean Doe (deejay extraordinaire/Stones Throw promoter) giving me mad copies of a promo mix of the album Peanut Butter was doing for the release. All those cds are long gone and given away but luckily Stones Throw has decided to release a free digital download of the mix. Cop it after the jump and celebrate Friday with this dope mix and 2 VERY dope animated videos for my 2 favorite singles:

Download Peanut Butter Wolf’s Free “Chrome Mix” here

Buy the CD, MP3s or Vinyl at Stones Throw


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