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Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Fuck the Facts - Unnamed EP

Fuck the Facts is a Canadian Death/Grind group that has been releasing music since 1999. Their earlier stuff (that I am unfortunately a little unfamiliar with) seemed pretty much like your average Grindcore of the early 2000's, slightly funny titles, shitty recordings, very high-pitched shrieks, and blast beats made with hollow, weak-sounding drums. This all seemed to change with their critically acclaimed full length "Disgorge Mexico."

The album seemed to be praised by everyone and the band seemed to be everywhere when it was released in 2008. Although the band did sound much tighter and the drum sounds (recordings?) did get better I myself didn't seem to understand where all the hype was coming from. Disgorge Mexico was riddled with slow chug parts, generic guitar squeals and hardcore breakdowns that seemed a little out of place.

Experimentation seemed to be the theme of the album (to it's detriment) and five of the fourteen songs were over 3 minutes long, one of them even nearing 10 minutes (gasp!) I'm not against experimentation but sometimes it seems to work against you more than it succeeds, and its a delicate balance to achieve especially with Grind (take the Napalm Death releases from the '90s for example.) All in all it seemed less of a Grindcore album and more of an experimental hardcore album with metalcore tendencies. I did however have tremendous respect for their tour ethic and DIY methods.

This past Sunday Fuck the Facts independently released their new EP simply titled "Unnamed." Tracks 1 through 4 are all new songs, with track 5 being a re-recording of a song on their split with Overseas Connection, and track 6 is a re-recorded version of a song from their 2001 album "Mullet Fever." I have to say, they shocked me with this release. They seemed to simultaneously condense their style and song lengths and brought an old school sound back without sounding derivative. The slightly proggy/experimental parts have been toned down to nuanced flair, making everything sound much less forced. They kept it short, sweet and fast this time around. This album hits hard slowing down only during track 4 which was about 1:20 of drum-less guitar interlude and barely-audible voice samples. The highlight of the album has to be the second track "Loss Upon Loss" which has this tasty, thrashy riff playing halfway through the song that I must've rewound about 10 times when I first heard it. I can see why they chose the track from their split to play again too, its a strong song made only stronger by the beefier recording. At just 36 seconds in length "Doghead" was a perfect choice to re-record and to close the album. Overall this EP sounds amazing and if it's any indication of what's to come from Fuck the Facts then they might live up to all the hype after all.

Fuck the Facts will be on tour in Europe from March 5th - April 3rd.

Download the Free track "La Tete Hors De L'eau" and read an interview here

Buy/Listen to the album here for $5 or more, FREE with 7 inch purchase
*limited to 500 copies (400 black & 100 clear)


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