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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

"Code of Conduct" Shop Teaser Video

Just wanted to highlight a local shop that will be opening up soon here in Chicago. “Code of Conduct” will be a lifestyle/street wear and custom tattoo shop opening up in the downtown/South Loop area of Chicago. The shop will also feature and sell artwork such as the crazy “Gentlemen’s Boomboxes” from Artpentry (unique, functioning boomboxes made from antique suitcases and such.) Along with being a great new addition to Chicago’s boutique shop scene I believe Code of Conduct will be the very first tattoo shop to open up in the business area of downtown Chicago.

There’s no concrete opening date as of yet but they’ve released this teaser video featured below to help tide us over until they give out more news, there's also a link to some pics as well. If you truly are too anxious to wait you can check out the Gentlemen’s Boomboxes and more artwork at Artpentry on 1827 S. Halsted in the Pilsen Art District of Chicago. They’re usually open during normal business hours but I highly suggest you check them out every 2nd Friday of the month when all the Pilsen Art Galleries opens up to the public from 6-9pm. Stay tuned for updates and details:

Check out some pics here: ”Darkroom Demons” Sneak Peak

Code of Conduct Website:

Artpentry Website:

Code of Conduct
14 East 11th Street
Chicago, IL 60605

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