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Thursday, February 18, 2010

J-Live - Chocolate Covered Samples Vol. 1

This should serve as a lesson to those that sleep on these posts, free music don't come easy you know! (Well legally anyways.) I periodically check to see if all my links are still working and discovered that J-Live replaced his "Do the Knowledge/Late Pass" mixtape with the Valentines one he just put out. Same link, new mixtape so for all those looking to backtrack and cop the first one you're out of luck. This mix is a collection of Soul/R&B songs that were the sample sources for some very familiar tracks - see if you can guess which ones while listening to this (or you might be too distracted for that if you catch my drift...ya namean?...you smell what I'm cooking?...you pick up what I'm layin down?...I'm talkin about fuckin.) Cop this mix NOW before its gone too, and don’t sleep on these free music posts cheapskates! (*Update #2, the mixes aren't gone but they're now $3. Told you not to sleep.)

Here’s what J had to say about his mix:

"It's self explanatory, but here goes. This mix was inspired by growing up on mixtapes like DJ Doo Wop's "Cool Outs", and learning about the original music behind my favorite hip hop bangers. Put the two concepts together and you have a work of mellow romantic mood music made up of sampled love songs. Enjoy responsibly!"

Download Chocolate Covered Samples Vol. 1 Here

*Okay, so the first mix isn't gone - you can choose which mix to download from the sidebar. I fixed the link to this mix and the old one so they go directly to the designated albums. Not gonna change the text description though, you can read it and have a good laugh at my expense.

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