J Dilla aka Jay Dee 1974 - 2006 - Idol Threat: Warning Shots at the Mainstream


Friday, February 19, 2010

J Dilla aka Jay Dee 1974 - 2006

The drums. That's the first thing I think about when I hear the name “J Dilla.” That thick snare, the familiar, funky shuffle of his hi hats. Everyone loved his drums, even Kanye West was jealous of them. The other thing I think about is my birthday. Jay Dee not only died a couple days after my birthday in 2006, he was born the day before I was as well. It's a tragedy to die so young and so close to the day of your birth, a tragedy that's magnified by the loss of what this man's genius could have birthed if he had lived. He toured Europe in 2005 performing from a wheelchair. His instrumental magnum opus “Donuts” which was released on the birthday before his death, was an album he finished in his hospital bed. This man showed tremendous strength in the face of death all in the name of music.

Me and a friend heard of J Dilla's death while hanging out for my birthday. We spent the rest of the day searching Chicago for a copy of the Donuts cd and talking about life. From then on we decided to celebrate my birthday every year by celebrating Dilla's music as well. Just came back from this year's J Dilla celebration and thought there was no better time to do this post. So here you are, two mixes done by J Rocc and DJ Rhettmatic. I'll let the music speak for itself.

Download Thank You Jay Dee Act 4 Here

DJ Rhettmatic WHATUPDOE J Dilla Mini Megamix

Link to the J Dilla Foundation

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