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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Guru of Gang Starr in a Coma

This weekend Guru (born Keith Elam) of legendary Hip Hop duo Gang Starr reportedly fell into a coma after complications following a cardiac arrest. According to these news came from his sister Tricia Elam, and also reported that DJ Premier called into Satelite XM radio station "Hip Hop Nation" to confirm that his former Gang Starr partner indeed suffered a heart attack.

“Guru IS in a coma and will go under surgery tomorrow afternoon."

Gang Starr is one of my all time favorite Hip Hop groups and so I hope Guru pulls through. They were very influential in the New York Hip Hop scene during the early '90s and gained a loyal following both in artists and fans. This news is especially disheartening following recent rumors that Gang Starr would be reuniting (they went on hiatus sometime in 2005.) recently interviewed Premier and asked him about a possibility of a Gang Starr reunion:

"I see and read these articles where he's like, 'I'm Gang Starr' so I'm like, all right," he explained. "So whenever you ready, you tell me when you're ready and I'll start tomorrow, but it's up to Guru."

My prayers go out to Guru and his family & friends, stay tuned to Idol Threat for any further developments and news. *Update via DJ Premier’s Twitter on 3/1/10 around 8am NY Time: “Guru is getting ready for surgery, pray for the best!”

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*special thanks to DJSP for the heads up

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