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Monday, January 18, 2010

Wu-Tang Clan X The Beatles

People probably think that mash-ups are played out by now, but I've always been interested in them. Not only do they sometimes provide creative names and identities (ie "The Grey Album" "God's Stepson" or my homie LoveJones album using 9th Wonder beats called "Love Potion Number 9th") but they usually cast classic tracks in brand new lights, even more so than a normal remix.

We get so attached to songs and hearing them a certain way that combining 2 such songs to make a whole new song creates an interesting dichotomy of nostalgia and sacrilege. Everyone has fond memories attached to certain songs, and these sometimes taints those memories, and sometimes it helps create new one

Tom Caruanas produced this album of Wu-Tang acapellas using Beatles songs samples and he does a pretty good job of making the songs sound new. The grime and grit of the originals are polished a bit, and the album gets a little more soulful surprisingly, and also a little brighter. Check out this new rendition of "Criminology"

While this isn't the greatest mash-up of all time it's a solid effort, and it shows what I love about Hip Hop. Hip Hop takes relics from the past and reinterprets them making something new while simultaneously breathing new life into the old. People can ridicule the art form and claim it's not music at all, but it's a billion-dollar industry and a global culture and even Jazz took old greats and re-interpreted them live. New music for a new age - Enjoy swiped from
Sierra Dujour's blog:

Enter The Magical Mystery Chambers

Sierra, you just got swagger-jacked!

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