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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

ShowYouSuck: P.I.B. (Pentagrams in Bathrooms) EP *Updated

The homie ShowYouSuck finally releases his debut EP Pentagrams in Bathrooms. ShowYouSuck is an up and coming local artist who’s performed his brand of infectious, dance-tinged, underground Hip Hop all over the US sharing the stage with various local and international artists such as MURS of the Living Legends crew.

He’s slowed it down a bit and kept it more boom bap-ish for this 8 track release, and even provided the Christmas goodies “Mr. Grinch” and “Backdoor Santa” that he made with FloydthefourtH of C4. With topics ranging from relationships & the skinny jeans phenomenon, and references to Slayer, Anime, Deerhoof & Bad Brains this isn’t your run of the mill Hip Hop release.

(ShowYouSuck - Beatbox)

Whether it’s “wack MCs” or “hipsters” no one is safe from ridicule when it comes to Show, not even himself, and it’s refreshing to listen to somebody that doesn’t take themselves so seriously all the time. Even the reasoning for his album title has an earnestness and humility that most rappers rarely exhibit:

"Basically the album is named by my good friend Freddy, who also did the cover art. I asked him to name the project because I wanted to use it as a thank you for always encouraging me to stay with music, even though he's all the way in LA he always hounds me for new music and updates on any progress I made in music. He's a true fan/friend and I wanna dedicate mixtapes or EPs to friends of mine who keep me going and P.I.B is the first one." - ShowYouSuck

Known for his catchy hooks & energetic stage performances Show is a lot of fun to listen to and watch, so be sure to share this free music with everyone you know and be on the lookout for more shows, releases, and videos from him in the near future. SHOW’S HOME! *update: re-released on 10-18-11, here's the official tracklist and new download link

1. "Three Dudes Rappin" feat. FloydthefourtH of C4 & Dot Com
2. "Backdoor Santa" feat. FloydthefourtH
3. "Beatbox"
4. "Mr. Grinch" feat. FloydthefourtH
5. "Pants Party"
6. "Skinny Jeans"

Download Here: Pentagrams in Bathrooms EP

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