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Monday, January 25, 2010

Sea of Shit - Demo/Tour Cassingle

Now this is what I’m talking about! Sea of Shit is a local hardcore/powerviolence band whose demo I recently came across. On their Myspace they name Crossed Out, His Hero is Gone, Infest and Man is the Bastard among others as influences so if you like any of those bands at all you’ll love these two releases. The songs are really fucking crushing and I really like the guitar tones they have on here, it has this damaged quality that lingers throughout giving the songs this nice, thick rumble.

There’s a lot of grind and sludge elements present, there's even a noise track on side B of the cassette (the track might seem a little mellow to those used to more harsh noise however.) The dual vocals are perfect complements to each other ranging from real guttural growls to a cleaner (but not clean) hardcore yell that doesn’t sound too far removed from the vocals on early Dischord releases. Even the lyrics are a standout from the norm, with gems like “synthetic shithole of success” & “the stagnant stench of dormancy remains” mostly outweighing the more derivative parts. And you gotta love a song title like “Vulgar Display of Deception!”

(Side A of "Tour Cassingle")

If you combine the demo and the tour cassette the music here totals a little under 18 minutes (and that’s even with the 7 minute noise track!) Nevertheless even on albums this short the songs could get monotonous, but Sea of Shit manage to keep everything fresh without anything sounding too repetitive. Since this is only a short demo I’m curious to hear what a “full” release from them will sound like. As long as they keep the songs diverse enough and not clean up the sound too much they should have no problem, and I’ll be looking forward to hear what comes next.

Sea of Shit says that they only play all ages show so don’t expect to see them anywhere besides basements and VFWs anytime soon, maybe they can get an all ages show at Sub Ts or something. In the meantime you can check them out at the upcoming festival in Indianapolis, Indiana “SOME KIND OF FUCKING FEST” (
6151 N Central Ave)
on March 13th

*according to This Blog Post
their tape will be reissued on 7" soon on Suburban Mayhem

Tour “Cassingle”


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  1. demo is now on a 7":