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Friday, January 15, 2010

Needed to empty my brain somewhere...

I needed a place to exercise my desire to write so I figure I'd finally start this blog that I intended to start with friends last year. Looks like it'll just be me running ship now, I'll basically just be using this to house anything I want to talk about extensively. So you'll be getting my reviews and opinions of everything I like and anything I want to talk about. If you don't like that then I guess there's no reason to be reading this in the first place right?


(I figure I'd start with my Top 10 albums of 2009 that I previously posted on my other pages which should also give a good overall feel of what this blog will be like.)

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  1. Congrats on the blog homie! Who knows, maybe this can possible evolve into ur very own mag one day haha. If you ever need any pics/content/ideas to put on here lemme know...I'm a wealth of knowledge when it comes to all things useless on the interwebzzzzz haha.