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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Like Rats - 2009 Demo

Looks like I’m doing a pretty good job of updating this blog daily, which is pretty much my goal (some weekends may not be updated as often.) Although there is a ton of stuff out there in “matrix land” there isn’t as many truly free albums out there but so far I’ve managed to have every post be about music. So for now you’ll be spared from my “weird shit” reviews but sooner or later you’re gonna read how I feel about a comic or new fitted cap or something. I’m just sayin...

Like Rats is a Chicago hardcore band that includes Primitive Future blog runner Todd Nief. I mentioned the album in my “best of 2009” post and I have not been able to stop listening to this since I got it. He basically wanted to make an old school hardcore album with heavy Celtic Frost influences and he pretty much nailed it. There’s really not much more I can say about it so I’ll let the man tell it in his own words:

"I love Tom G Warrior's signature riff composition style, and I tried to write riffs that evoke similar feelings without actually copying his techniques. There are a few self-imposed stylistic restrictions in order to keep the overall aesthetic within certain boundaries: no palm-muting, no double bass drum. Special attention was paid to the way that two primitive riffs compliment each other and create a relationship that makes each one significantly more interesting than if it were to exist on its own." -Todd Nief of Like Rats

Enjoy the crusty goodness:

Like Rats Demo

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